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I don’t want to make this a love-hate sort of article as there aren’t any electronic cigarettes I really hate. If a brand is reputable, and all of the names listed here are established and trustworthy, then it’s hard to hate them. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but I think it’s safe to say that certain brands don’t make it to the top-ten for good reason. There could be issues of battery quality, price, or selection. I’ll talk about the ones we dislike first and save the good news for last. Or if you don’t want to read this article, check out my other article on e cigarette reviews.



I always distrust a brand that doesn’t stay current. When there is little change and no media interest, I wonder if a brand has folded; if they will stand the test of time; or even if the recent FDA ruling will undermine their ability to stay afloat and fulfill upcoming orders. All of those concerns apply to Bull Smoke.

In the beginning, this US firm was one of the dominant electronic cigarette brands. They routinely appear in the top-ten list, but competition was slim three or four years ago. Now, Bull Smoke is simply behind the times. Like Green Smoke, Bull Smoke has chosen to find a niche with beginners and stay there, although they did add e juice recently. This might be too little, too late, but who knows if the firm can make a revival? In my opinion, they need a makeover and some good publicity, especially something like a customer service representative going above and beyond expectations to satisfy a client. We need to hear that their flavors, which were nothing to write home about, have been overhauled and significantly improved. Their pricing is good, but flavor and hardware selection is unchanged after many years. If you want a brand you can grow with, this one isn’t in the business of selling eGos. Should someone buy you a starter kit for Christmas, however, there’s no reason to be afraid of them. Bull Smoke is compliant with all sorts of US regulations for safety and manufacturing standards.

SmokeTip doesn’t really enter most people’s radar, overshadowed as the name is by big companies, but regular customers know the name and keep using them. Unfortunately, the brand and its website lack something to be desired. They did, in fact, continue to update products so that now you can buy mods here, but they don’t look anything different from something you could purchase at Vaporfi. Vapers are more familiar with Vaporfi’s quality. Although SmokeTip offers some deals that Vaporfi doesn’t compete with, I just feel as though the website is too limited; I want more information about a business and its products before making a purchase. The site lacks some detail like company history and more product description.

White Cloud is a great company to work for apparently, and their website is full of information. The Fling is a wonderful disposable product. I have some concerns about the confusing catalogue, though. What’s the difference between one model of electronic cigarette and another, or between their cartomizers? A bit of clarity would be welcome.

Brands We Favor

Halo has always been a favorite because of their excellent e-juice and hard-working electronics. The G6 is a good starting point with many flavor possibilities, especially when customers order blanks and fill them with one of a respectable assortment of flavors. Halo e juice is made in the USA to demanding standards and always has been, even before regulations were imposed. A vibrant selection of battery colors makes the G6 and Triton a lot of fun. Customers can grow with Halo too, thanks to the addition of two new advanced mods, the Reactor and Tracer.

V2 keeps innovating and they now feature a new style of e cig; the VERTX. This sassy little device adds new and much-appreciated style to a format that was, frankly, getting a little bit old. The JUUL by Pax Labs helped to inspire some change, but unlike Pax Labs, V2 specializes in supporting users of ecigs and their changing needs. I love the magnetic technology of a VERTX and the Pro Series 3 or 7 which makes rusty or worn connecting threads a thing of the past.

Vaporfi is huge, but that’s not surprising. They list the biggest selection of e-juices and a fun variety of e-cigs and mods. Customers can go from chasing wisps with the Express to chasing vapor clouds with their VOX mod.

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